One Eagle To Bind Them

[illustration by Mr Detmold, from The Arabian Nights]

For today's Eagle Sunday, we have a big ass, badass eagle from Dreaming times. Specifically, Arabian Dreaming times. I'm pretty sure they're not called The Dreaming officially, but hopefully you get what I mean.

This guy is called The Rukh (pronounced The Rock), that is one badass name. He even has his own prefix! I would like my own prefix. 'The Pellos' has an imposing ring to it. Moving right along, The Rukh is really big. Really, really big. See that tiny thing in it's claw? That's a full grown elephant. True story! The Rukh is a ginormous lady eagle, and she has ginormous babies. They get pretty hungry, obviously - being the size of office blocks - so The Rukh feeds them elephants to fill them up and get a bit of mum peace and quiet for a few minutes. This picture is of her flying back to the nest with her chicks' latest tasty treat. Go scary mum!

The Rukh is from The Arabian Nights: Tales from 1001 nights, an oral history epic written down for the first time sometime in the tenth-ish century. The stories that make up this epic are way older though, and include mythic tales from Arabia, Persia and India.