Big Dickens

My tax return at work: the new Folio Society edition of David Copperfield, produced to celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens' birth in 2012.

The book arrived today and I like it very much.

This edition is basically a re-covered re-issue of the earlier 2004 Folio Society edition (which was in the style of the copy of Martin Chuzzlewit in the picture below). It has a new lovely front cover with a quote from the book, and is also a little bit smaller and weighs a little less - so it will be much more comfortable to hold while reading. Terrific!

from left: 2006 Folio Society edition of Martin Chuzzlewit, 2011 Folio Society edition of David Copperfield, and a Penguin Classics edition of Our Mutual Friend (for size comparison).