Suze Sunday

It has been a big week for Susan the Schipperke. First, she had an operation. Then she got a bucket put on her head, that stayed there all week. Here is a picture of her on drugs from the vets...

Suze feels sad after coming home from the vets.

Suze feels sad after coming home from the vets.

After the bucket attachment, Suze got flights to her new life in America! Well technically, I booked her flights for her, but you get the gist. Very exciting. Suze in America installments will start in July.

If you are curious about that snazzy wooden object in the foreground of this week's Suze Sunday shot, that is my computer. It is covered with faux wood contact from the two dollar shop. I have received many compliments from onlookers and security staff while putting this bad boy through the xray machine at airports. It seems I am not the only fan of kitsch fake wood effect on things that should not/could not be made of wood. I have a tutorial about how you, too, can make your computer look as fake wood as mine* coming up in a future post.

*Circos will not need this, as her computer is ACTUALLY made of wood. Not completely, but its outer case has real bamboo panelling. I have wooden computer parts envy.