Jerks pay more for pasta

Not for jerks: Yummy non-mixed pasta dinner.

Not for jerks: Yummy non-mixed pasta dinner.

Tonight I am eating handmade pumpkin and tarragon tortelini for dinner. I think it will be tastier than it sounds even. There is a small, family run pasta shop near my house and I stopped by there on my evening Walk With Suze.

The people who work at the pasta shop are lovely, it's the sort of place where they know the regulars by name and remember their order. Both times I have been there, they have given me extra pasta for free AND rounded the price down.

Today when I went there, there was a jerk in front of me in the queue. She identified herself as such when I was tying up Suze in front of the shop. Her jerkishness was just radiating from her, in the form of rudeness and entitled airs.

Anyway, back to the pasta shop. The jerk was rude to the nice shop lady. And she MIXED HER PASTAS. Mixing two nice pastas is like mixing two nice wines, in the same glass. You add two amazing things together to make one awful thing. The nice shop lady tried to dissuade the jerk from her shocking pasta mixing, but the jerk wouldn't heed the warning. The nice lady reluctantly dished out the pasta, and charged the jerk exactly the correct amount.

Poor jerk, no discount and no nice meal. Sometimes it seems like jerks get all the breaks, but tonight I saw that this is not always true.