Brave New Shahnameh!

It seems a new edition of the Shahnameh is irresistible.

This is a tiny tiny portion of Quantuck Lane Press' edition of the Shahnameh, translated and adapted by Ahmad Sadri and designed and illustrated by Hamid Rahmanian. This new edition is intended to bring the wonderful Shahnameh to new audiences and to bring new perspectives to people who are familiar with the stories.

I am just a Baby of Shahnameh appreciation, and I haven't read all of what's available in English. I'm halfway through Mage's edition (stalled by Rostam and Sohrab, and also the story of Seyavosh, sob double sob). But don't these pictures look marvellous?  

If I get home from work early enough this week, I'll drag out the Mage edition and see if we can get a photo comparison of one of Rahmanian's illustrations with one of the medieval anonymous illustrations. To me, Rahmanian's illustrations are less fussy but still retain distinctive and recognisable elements from the traditional pictures. More modern, perhaps? See what you think!

If you see it, you should buy it.